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We strongly recommend that you perform a multi-platform save of any existing application before installing, upgrading or otherwise modifying an existing FactoryLink installation.


Four (4) Character Driver ID
FactoryLink Directories and Files
Key Files with FactoryLink Version 6.0.3 or Later

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Four (4) Character Driver ID

Each EDI Driver or Protocol Module, has a unique four character ID. This ID is the value used for the Device Name column in the External Device Definition Table. For example the four letter ID for the GE Fanuc PC Interface Module driver is "PCIM". On this page the four character ID for any driver will be denoted by "XXXX".


FactoryLink Directories and Files

FactoryLink has two primary directories, the program directory and the application directory, and uses environment variables to specify the location of these directories. The environment variable "FLINK", on this page referenced by %FLINK%, specifies the location of the FactoryLink program files. The environment variable "FLAPP" specifies the location of the FactoryLink application files. It is important that the "FLINK" environment variable be properly specified before installing the driver.

When installing the driver places it's files into the following directories:

%FLINK%/edi/XXXX Driver's executable files
%FLINK%/ac Configuration Manager input files for the driver.
%FLINK%/ctgen "CT" generation program input files for the driver.

Driver translate files for both Configuration Manager and "CT" generation program. Versions of FactoryLink prior to 6.0.3

English language translate files for both Configuration Manager and "CT" generation program. FactoryLink Version 6.0.3 and later.

In addition to copying it's files, Bullet drivers (part numbers AWB-.. )   installation program will also modify the following two FactoryLink files. You must modify these manually for part numbers beginning with AWS-.. according the instructions in the driver manual.

%FLINK%\ac\titles: Entries in this file controls the "menu" items in the Configuration Manager. If this file is not modified the driver will not appear in the menu. The install program will add to the end of the file, a line similar to the following: EDI XXXX Driver

%FLINK%\ctgen\ctlist: Entries in this file controls which data base tables are converted to "CT" files. In order for the driver to interpret it's Configuration Manager entries this file must be modified. The install program will add to the end of the file, a line similar to the following:

XXXX: XXXXshdr XXXXsovr XXXX_hdr XXXX_ovr

note: on platforms where filenames are case-sensitive, use lower case characters.


Key Files with FactoryLink Version 6.0.3 or Later

"Key" files are used to map strings entered into certain fields of a configuration table into a binary number. For example this allows the application engineer to enter "INT2" to mean a two byte integer instead of having to remember to enter '0' for bit, '1' for two byte integer, '2' for unsigned word etc.

In version 6.0.3 FactoryLink started to add multiple language support - one of the changes this entailed is a change to the format and location of the "key" files.

Prior to Version 6.0.3 the "key" files resided in the directory %FLINK%\key. With Version 6.0.3 the key files reside in a language sub-directory of %FLINK%\key, i.e. %FLINK%\key\en for English. If you have an install diskette from a version created before FL Version 6.0.3, you will need to move the XXXXyyyy.key files from the %FLINK%/key directory to the appropriate language sub-directory.

Also prior to Version 6.0.3 the format of a "key" file contained of only two columns separated by a vertical bar. The first column for the string, the second column for the mapped value. With Version 6.0.3 a third column was added for multi-language support.

For Example:

DEF | 0
BIN | 1
INT2 | 2

For English became:

  DEF | 0 | DEF
  BIN | 1 | BIN
  INT2 | 2 | INT2

For FactoryLink Version 6.0.3 and 6.0.4, either format is acceptable. Starting with FactoryLink Version 6.5.0 and for all later versions, the new format is required.

Please refer to the "Software Installation" appendix of the specific driver manual for more information.


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