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Product Validation FAQ

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This page provides answers to question about the registration & software validation mechanism used by Bullet Software driver products (all part numbers beginning with AWB-)

I get the error message: "Unable to open file: xxxxxxxxx" when attempting to validate the program. What do I do?

If the file does not exists at the location specified in the message, and the location does not seem to make sense: Verify that the "FLINK" environment variable is properly set and includes the proper drive letter.

If the file exists at the location specified in the message: The validation program modifies some of the product's .exe files. Many operating systems do not allow write access to a program's .exe file if the program is currently running. Before running the validate program to enter a validation sequence be sure the product is not running. If this is a FactoryLink product shutdown the FactoryLink application. On rare occasions the product executable my be "orphaned" and still loaded although no application which uses the product is running. In this case shutdown and restart the computer, then run validate before running any applications which use the product.

I get a different configuration sequence every time I generate one. Does this mean that I must get a validation sequence immediately?

No, there are features built into the sequence generators which cause a different sequence each time. As long as you have not reinstalled the product any of the configuration sequences and validation sequences generated for that install are valid.

I reinstalled the product and the previous validation sequence is not valid. Do I need to generate a new configuration sequence and get a new validation sequence?

Yes, the significant fact here is that you reinstalled. Every time you install the product you must generate a new configuration sequence and get a new validation sequence.

How do I know if a product has been validated?

Starting with Bullet Drivers Version 5.0.1 there is a menu selection in the "Utility" program to display the current status of all installed Bullet Software EDI Protocol Modules. (Bullet Software drivers all have product codes beginning AWB-..). By choosing this entry you can determine if the Protocol Module is installed, the type of license, and whether or not it is validated.


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