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ABEI Driver Diagnostic Logging

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These notes are also in the driver User Manual.

If you experience problems with ABEI communications, we recommend that you create a log file of a sample communications session and email the problem description, attaching the log with your email.

In normal running, the ABEI driver task does not create a log file and only 'error' messages are displayed in the task�s console window. Setting logging options in a system environment variable can modify this behavior. This section describes the available logging operations.  Normally logging is only required for sending detailed information to Axisware support personnel, but all log files are text files and so customers can view them using Notepad or similar.  Logging should be turned OFF in all normal and live running conditions, otherwise performance and possible disk space degradation will occur.

The logging is controlled using an environment variable, which is read and processed on driver task startup - hence to change logging operation the environment variable must be modified and then the task must be stopped and restarted.

The environment variable name is ABEILOG. The variable can be set either in the System environment from the Control Panel, or if FactoryLink is run from a command line session then by entering a command of the following form before starting FactoryLink: 

set ABEILOG=[options]

The default state for each logging option is disabled (off). If one of the options described below is to be used it must be enabled in the environment variable, as described below. The environment variable is parsed left to right and so the 'last' (rightmost) reference to a parameter determines the setting used.

A logging option is enabled by setting the parameters to "+OptionName" or disabled by setting the parameters to "-OptionName". There must be at least one space between the options. 

In the set command there must be no space between ABEILOG and the equals sign (=), a space after the = is optional. 

All logging options must be specified in lower case characters. 

The following logging options are possible:


Use this option to enable/disable creation of the log file. If enabled the file
will be re-created every time the task is started. Any previous abei.log file will be over-written.


If the disk option above is enabled, enabling unique causes the task to create a unique log file every time the task is started. A task start-up time-stamp is included in the file name, using the format:
where �YY� is the two digit year, �MM� is the two digit month, �DD� is the two digit day of month, �HH� is the two digit (24 hour) hour, �MM� is the two digit minute, and �SS� is the two digit second.

Although using a unique file name can be useful, this stops the driver from overwriting the previous log file. Care should be taken to remove log files that are no longer useful or excessive disk space may be used.


Enabling this option limits the number of messages written to the log file to 10,000. When 10,000 messages have been written, the file will be closed and when the next message is to be logged the file will be re-created. Enabling this parameter forces the enabling of the unique option described above.


Use this option to enable/disable the displaying of 'Warning' category messages. Messages in this category display information about potential problems in the application but do not prevent the task from performing its function.


Use this parameter to enable/disable messages denoting when a device changes its connection status.


Use this parameter to enable/disable dumping of the configuration data read by the task on start-up. This information could be useful in determining configuration problems.


Use this option to enable/disable dumping of the internal structures used to perform each operation on a Read/Write Information Table (generated by the task at start-up, from its configuration information). This information could be useful in determining configuration problems, and includes a detailed description of all commands (packets) built for each operation on a table.


This option is only valid if dmptrig is enabled, and causes the inclusion of tag information in the trigger dump information.


Use this option to enable/disable inclusion of the source file name, procedure, and source file line number in each logged message. This information can be useful to Axisware tech support personnel. Note: this information will only be added to the messages in the log file; it will not be displayed in the console window.


Use this option to enable/disable all of the above options.


set ABEILOG=+all �dmptrgtag

Enable all logging parameters then disable the dmptrgtag logging.

set ABEILOG=+disk +warn +proc&line

Enable logging to disk, include warning messages, and include source line information.  This mode is recommended as an initial step when log files are to be sent to Axisware and sufficient disk space is available.

set ABEILOG=+warn

Include warning category messages in the console window. This does not enable logging to disk, and so no log file will be created.


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