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GEMLAN-D EDI Driver for FactoryLink
running on Windows NT/2000

The GEMLAN-D EDI Protocol Module, along with FactoryLink's Device Interface Module, allows you to configure bi-directional communications between FactoryLink applications and Gem PLCs fitted with a GEMLAN-D network interface. GEMLAN-D uses DECnet as the network protocol, providing a high-speed interface, and the Protocol Module is highly optimised for read/write throughput.

The GEMLAN-D EDI Protocol Module also provides facilities for linear scaling and for indirect addressing on both reads and writes, to simplify large application configuration. Application-configurable control over opening and closing of DECnet links is included in order to minimize runtime network overhead. Links can be opened at startup and remain permanently open until Protocol Module shutdown, or links can be opened only when read/writes are triggered, if large system configurations dictate.


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