Protocols,  Platforms, Packages
Communications Protocols Platforms
Allen-Bradley DF1 full/half duplex Serial, DH, DH+, Ethernet Windows NT
GE Fanuc Ethernet, SNPX, PCIM Windows 95/98
Omron Fins Gateway, OMRON Sysmac Link OS/2
Siemens Serial RK512 3964(R), TP4 HP Unix
Square-D Sy/Link Ethernet AIX
TIWAY I PC Host Adapter SCO Unix
Solartron 35959 Ethernet to S-NET Gateway DEC Unix
Solartron S-NET via 35954A/B PC interface card OpenVMS
Gemlan-D over DECnet Windows
Many proprietary TCP/IP interfaces DOS
ARCOM PC SYSCON Card Interface
Klockner Moeller SUCONET K2 Network (PC Card)
Road sign serial interfaces, Radio Clock Serial Interfaces Packages
Advantech PCL-725 Digital I/O Card Interface FactoryLink
Serck Telemetry Outstation InTouch
Power Technology PC-Cutlass API Interface Paragon
Conet Maxiflex, Blue Chip DIP-24 Digital Input Card WinCC
Solartron 35958A RS423/GPIB interface Wizcon
Alstom Alspa-MT MMS over TCP/IP
Alstom GEM80 MMS over ESP
Alstom GEM80
NDIS protocol drivers on OS/2
SCOOP data acquisition system
Unsolicited input drivers for PSTN outstations
Serial interfaces to weighers and pipe markers (steel industry)
Amplicon PC27E Analog Input Card
TCS Eurotherm Series 6000 instruments
Analog Devices RTI-800/802 data acquisition PC cards
Gulton West temperature controllers, Loma checkweighers
Transmitton outstations, PSTN & leased line
Embedded outstation protocols
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