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Axisware sales, support services and development services are located in North America, near Dallas, Texas.

Our business is in providing solutions for our customers.  It's likely these will fall under the following headings:

Communications and Networking Software

Communications interfaces (drivers) for PLC protocols, TCP/IP, DECnet, Ethernet proprietary networks, serial protocols, distributed i/o, PSTN etc.  See some of the protocols, packages and operating platforms we have worked with and implemented.  Some of the protocols listed are available from Axisware, others may have been developed in response to specific customer requirements.

If you don't see your requirement already listed, contact us for updates, for reference to other sources if we know of them (we don't believe in re-inventing wheels), or for quotation.  We can develop custom interfaces for you or we can develop and market protocols as Axisware standard products, or we can develop and market jointly. Device drivers and tricky stuff are a speciality.  We can also provide technical expertise to form part of a project team.

Custom Development

We can provide a custom development service. Development expertise includes C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, NT and UNIX Kernel skills. In addition to the skills available, we have a number of established products that can provide the basis for the development of custom solutions, possibly in conjunction with established products from other vendors.

SCADA Applications and Interfaces

FactoryLink Specialists: Applications software, design and configuration, driver and custom task product sales and development, customised training and consultancy.  Our principals have worked with FactoryLink since 1988 and have extensive experience in the use and application of FactoryLink across industry, in all major PLC protocols and in supporting and developing a long list of communications interfaces. Our consultants have worked with end users and control system providers in pre-sales, system development, application consultancy, system troubleshooting, and post-sales support roles.


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